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Early Bird Pricing – ends April 15th, 2019

** May 17th, May 31st and June 7th an additional fee of $100.00 shall apply.

2019 RPD Prom Rates


If your your final drop off is in Seaside Heights or Long Beach Island, NJ, please include an additional hour for our return trip.
For any drop off in Wildwood, NJ include an additional two hours travel time for our return trip.
For Poconos, Upstate New York and Hampton’s, please call us.
 6 Hours8 Hours  
Cherokee$800.00$1,000.0014 Passengers
Chrysler 300$650.00$850.0010 Passengers
Dodge Charger$775.00$975.0012 Passengers
Escalade $1,100.00$1,250.0018 Passengers
Jeep Wrangler $850.00$1,050.0010 Passengers
Mercedes Sprinter$825.00$1,025.0014 Passengers
Porsche$1,250.00$1,400.0016 Passengers
28 Passenger Bus$1,550.00$1,850.0028 Passengers


Hourly Rates

All Prices Plus 20% Service Fee & Tolls when applicable. Rates Subject to Change.
Hourly Rates apply Monday through Thursday any time; Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 6:00 p.m.
Car4 hours6 hours8 hours10 hours
1930 Rolls RoyceCallCallCallCall
1933 Rolls RoyceCallCallCallCall
1937 Rolls RoyceCallCallCallCall
Lincoln Town Car Sedan$60.00$59.00$58.00$57.00
Lincoln MKT SUV$62.00$61.00$60.00$59.00
Chrysler 300 Sedan$60.00$59.00$58.00$57.00
Chevrolet Suburban SUV$75.00$72.00$68.00$66.00
Mercedes S550 Sedan$95.00$90.00$85.00$80.00
BMW 750li Sedan$95.00$90.00$85.00$80.00
Ford Transit Van$100.00$95.00$90.00$85.00
2018 Mercedes Sprinter 12$115.00$105.00$100.00$95.00
2018 Mercedes Sprinter 14$120.00$110.00$105.00$100.00
Chrysler 300 Stretch$100.00$95.00$90.00$85.00
Jeep Wrangler Stretch$115.00$105.00$95.00$90.00
2018 Dodge Charger Stretch$115.00$110.00$105.00$100.00
2018 Jeep Cherokee Stretch$125.00$115.00$105.00$100.00
Infinity QX56 Stretch$170.00$150.00$135.00$120.00
2018 Cadillac Escalade Stretch$180.00$160.00$145.00$130.00
2018 Porsche Cayenne Stretch$185.00$165.00$150.00$135.00
Limo Party Bus$225.00$195.00$170.00$165.00


Wedding Ala Carte Options

VehicleAla CarteHoursAdditional 1/2 hour
1930 Rolls Royce (2P)$850.003N/A
1933 Rolls Royce (2P)$850.003N/a
1937 Rolls Royce (2P)$850.003N/A
Mercedes S550 Sedan (4P)$625.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $60.00
Mercedes Sprinter (12P)$695.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $60.00
Mercedes Sprinter (14P)$795.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $60.00
Chrysler 300 Stretch (10P)$695.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $75.00
Jeep Wrangler Stretch (10P)$895.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $85.00
Dodge Charger Stretch (12P)$795.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $80.00
Jeep Cherokee Stretch (14P)$1,045.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $100.00
Infinity QX Stretch (18P)$1,145.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $115.00
Cadillac Escalade Stretch (20P)$1,245.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $125.00
Porsche Cayenne Stretch (16P)$1,345.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $150.00
Limo Party Bus (28P)$1,385.003 + 1/2 hour free+ $160.00