Funeral Limo & Car Service

Funeral Livery Limo & Car Service

Usually booking a limousine is an exciting part of one of life’s special days. However, limousines and car service can also be an important part of a person’s final celebration, taking the burden of transportation coordination off of the shoulders of the mourning family members and putting it in the hands of professionals. RPD Limo prides itself on the professional quality of its drivers, the cleanness of its fleet, and its prompt, on-time, and reliable service.

While limousine service on other days may be designed to stand out, for most funerals and memorial services, the goal is not for the transportation or the driver to stand up but to fade into the background by helping make the day seamless. At RPD we can provide that type of service for funerals, viewings, wakes, and memorials. In addition to providing traditional transportation for the family from the funeral to the cemetery, we can also provide custom-tailored transportation for your memorial events. Many people are opting for sprinter van transportation for funerals, especially when attendees may be from other areas and unfamiliar with roads in the area.

While our default transportation options for funerals are somber and sedate, we also understand that many modern funerals are leaving behind the quiet mourning of years past and really focusing on celebrating the life of the loved one who has passed away. If you have non-traditional funeral plans and need special arrangements, our dispatchers are happy to coordinate those arrangements with you.